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added: 14/10/2009

The Commuter Guide is a resource for buying property within reach of London

The Commuter Guide - your guide to buying property within reach of London
The Commuter Guide - Local information, house prices and property value.

The Commuter Guide started out as a book - "The Daily Telegraph Guide to Commuterland". The book has been through many revisions over the years, containing updated and revised information in each new edition.

The book contains local information, house prices and guide property values for towns and areas that are within reach of London by rail links.

Converting the book into a website was not a straight forward task - with over 350 towns/areas all having individual pages as a starting point, ease of navigation was a must!

The website has expanded the information contained in the book with the addition of a google map for each town and also the ability to navigate by county, again with the use of a large google map. Other additional benefits include things like automatic cross linking whenever a town is mentioned within an article.

The Commuter Guide is set to expand in the future with more information & more rail lines.