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Norjam 2010 Website Design

added: 24/03/2009

The Norfolk Scouts 2010 International Jamboree Website

Norjam 2010 is the Norfolk Scouts 13th jamboree, attracting visitors from all over the world, the 2010 event to be held at the Norwich show ground in Norfolk looks to be the largest to date.

The website is being launched and developed in stages - because of this it has been built using a powerful content management system (cms) that allows the website to expand as and when needed. The site will also include web pages with an information feed from the BBC, photo gallery, videos and news blog system. An important part of the website was the inclusion of the facility for the Scouts to be able to add and edit the content themselves. (edit: some of the extra webpages are now in place)

Norjam 2010 - International Scout Jamboree 2010

The website has been built using html, css, php and javascript. While it is based on an existing CMS, there are also several custom modules that are used throughout the website.

The design of the website is bold, colourful and clean, in doing this it fits in with the other predesigned printed materials for the jamboree and Scout branding.