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added: 19/08/2009

Raffaella Barker - Author & writer

I was approached by the well known Norfolk based author Raffaella Barker to recycle & rework her existing website adding a new blog at the same time.

Raffaella Barker - Writer & author - blog

The website has been completely reconstructed from the ground up using a content management system (cms) that also allows Raffaella to edit the text on any of her webpages at any time.

As well as the blog, we took the decision to also include some social networking and social bookmarking. This has been done by adding a feed from her Twitter account to show the most recent tweet at the top of the blog page. Whenever Raffaella adds a new post to her blog, her Twitter status is automatically updated to show the title of the new article/blog post with a link to it....this in turn updates her Facebook status with the same information. This helps draw in more readers & helps to keep readers interested whenever new material is posted. 

As well as the social networking, the blog also has a Feedburner RSS feed which allows users to subscribe to the blog & also be notified when there is a new post - Feedburner also 'pings' many search engines with the new content to help publicize the new blog post.

There is also a comment system that allows users to join in with the blog adding yet more user interactivity.