I Don't Sell Magic Search Engine Optimizing Beans!

I won't guarantee you a number one spot on google & here's why...

SEO Companies that claim to guarantee a top spot on Google will do it in one of two ways...

1 - by using pay per click advertising, yes this puts you at the top of the search listings, but you are paying for it - this is not natural, organic search. When the budget runs out, you won't be at the top of Google anymore, its that simple.

2 - by targeting easy search keyword phrases that are not the most relevant to your company/brand/service/product. If your company sells flowers & you are top of Google for the search phrase 'bees like my flowers', then its not going to help drive more traffic to your website.

Search Engine Optimized Websites

I build websites so that they are optimised from the ground up for your company, targeting actual useful search phrases that will help bring more users to your website.

There is more to a website than meets the eye. Search engines have access to hidden snippets of code behind the scenes that, if treated correctly, greatly effect the way that they interpret your website. I use legitimate methods (absolutely no risky 'blackhat'* seo methods used) to help maximize the website content that the search engines 'see' & digest.

If your primary user base is search driven, I can also work with you in the longer term to help boost your Google ranking & come up with ways to further increase user traffic.

This approach is far more effective in the long run & will ultimately help boost your business online - there is no quick fix, one size fits all solution.

* Blackhat SEO techniques use methods that are deemed unethical by search engines, if used they can cause more harm than good to the search engine ranking of your website. In more severe circumstances it can actually make the search engines block your website from search results pages.